CASI TENGO 18 (www.casitengo18.com) is an association dedicated to promoting cultural diversity through projects based on the active participation of civil society and focusing on teenagers by working with and not on or for them.

CASI TENGO 18 as set up in 2006 as a project with and not on or for teenagers. compiling in programme form a series of non-formal educational experiences, socio-cultural actions and participation in order to provide teenagers with a voice and invite them to participate as pro-active citizens in defining the world in which they live.

CT18 initiatives stress languages, media and dynamics that are closest to teenagers to create a world based on their imagination and identifying, seeking and fulfilling their own dreams, projects and objectives.

Our main objectives are:

  • To promote a (self-)critical emancipatory spirit by using the imagination, creativity, production of subjectivity and non-formal reflection as basic tools for personal and collective empowerment.

  • To encourage values and attitudes such as participation, tolerance, solidarity, shared responsibility, cooperation, diversity, etc.

  • To favour a constructive and conscious use of NICTs in a horizontal manner through processes of media literacy.

  • To establish intermediary channels between young people and various social agents (social groups, administration, media, etc).

Consequently, we follow such (lightly) structured methodologies as: trial and error, contact teaching, reflection in action, allowing yourself to be carried away despite the urge to set and/or follow a path, higher and lower expectations, play, relational skills and coexistence situations, applied and abstract creativity, undisciplined formats, doing things together, having fun, everybody knows, mixing and stirring, "if this is your first night at ' fight club'... you have to fight", processes versus results, scavenging, creating prototypes, dérive, breaking with established codes, taking risks, workshop-laboratory as meeting space, constructing to destroy, amongst others.

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This website was created with the support of the Culture Department of the Basque Government.

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